“SIGFOX represents a fundamental business breakout. It changes profoundly ecosystems and companies-consumers relationships. Economic benefits are considerable and allow massive deployment avoiding the stop at the pilot stage” Jean-Paul HUON, CTO

“Connected business” – a paradigm shift

The multiplication of new devices (smartphones, tablets, smart objects), combined with the rise of Big Data, M2M, Cloud and the fast deployment of networks è IoT è IoE è leads to “Connected Business”.

Z#BRE’s approach (based on business/economic aspects) puts IoT at the center of companies strategies and makes it understandable to CEOs. Our platform and solutions allows accelerates projects and insure time to market.

Company business profile:

Z#BRE is dedicated to capture the new value of “connected business” and deliver tangible business and financial gains by exploiting the potential of the Internet of Things and connected technologies.

We provide companies three answers:

  1. (Re)define their “connected business” strategy (Board level)
  2. Produce connected devices that will enter a newly defined value chain
  3. Provide, implement and operate solutions through a high security services platform. The distribution of a large number of objects in uncontrolled environments pose problems that need to be anticipated.

Z#bre imagines, models, provide and deploys connected business strategies.