“SIGFOX allows us to build and deploy the next generation of connected low-power products that are as easy as a sticker to use. SIGFOX is a real game changer for connecting non-powered assets.” Kristoff Van Rattinghe – founder & CEO Sensolus

SENSOLUS redefines plug & play in the world of Internet of Things. Our only guideline is that anyone needs to be able to access the world of connected things.  Therefore, our products are as easy as stickers. Our products can be installed by anyone, anywhere, with minimal configuration and are directly part of the connected world.

SENSOLUS offers wireless, low-power sensors for context-aware sensing (such as satellite positioning, payload parameters, etc.). Once in place, you can directly access the asset information via the SENSOLUS cloud.

SENSOLUS redefines satellite positioning of non-powered assets with their STICKNTRACK SNT1 service. The STICKNTRACK service is based on dedicated hardware and specific algorithms for low-power tracking, providing you a low-power plug & play solution for tracking anything. 

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