The LE51-868 S is a high performance certified short range to long range module designed to cover the 863-870 MHz band working with the Telit Proprietary protocol and acting as a SIGFOX gateway. It has high value technical characteristics such as a -126dBm sensitivity, ultra-low power consumption and up to 15dBm of output power. It is very easy to integrate, with small form factor and acts as a long range communication module connecting directly to SIGFOX network. It can also organize in a “Star Network” topology or chain communication with embedded smart repeater function over a Telit proprietary protocol for short range.

  • Networking: Sigfox gateway
  • Frequency: 868.2 Mhz
  • Channel: 1
  • Modulation: BPSK
  • 100 bps
  • Gateway to Sigfox Base station
  • Broadcast 1.6 sec
  • ETSI: 140 messages of 12 bytes, per object per day