The Laboratory of Analysis and Architecture of Systems (LAAS) is a CNRS research unit associated with the six founding members of the University of Toulouse.

LAAS’s research activities fall within the domain of Information Sciences and Technologies and address complex systems (artificial and sometimes natural) that are generally heterogeneous, and at different scales, to devise theories, methodologies and tools for modeling, designing and controlling them.

Research, innovation and transfer are linked. The lab has a history of strong relationships with industry and works in a large number of collaborative projects with international, national and regional industries of all sizes. LAAS was one of the first 20 “Carnot Institutes” certified as such in 2006.

The systems considered in LAAS research are of different kinds: integrated systems, embedded systems with real time and safety requirements, distributed systems, mobile systems, autonomous and robotics systems, micro and nano systems, biological systems. They cover various application domains such as aeronautics and space, telecommunications, transportations, production, services, security and defense, energy management, healthcare, environment and sustainable development.

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