EI Towers, the independent leader in Italy in the operation of infrastructures used in radio and television broadcasting and in delivering telecommunications services

EI Towers is an Italian company that operates in the business of network infrastructure and integrated services for electronic communications for the benefit of network operators of the television sector, of publishers or publishers’ consortia of radio industry, mobile telecommunications network operators (GSM/UMTS/LTE), wireless Internet providers (WiFi/WiMax), public utilities and government institutions.EI Towers

EI Towers’ activity consists of managing a portfolio of approximately 3.000 infrastructures, of which 2,300 broadcasting sites and approximately 700 mobile sites, which are mostly technological facilities, poles or masts, distributed across Italy and dedicated to hosting transmission equipment and broadcasting antennas through which the Company hosts and manages more than 10,000 of its customers systems. In addition, the Company provides a more technological and comprehensive service to certain customers through the planning, design, construction and full-service operation of television broadcasting network infrastructures, including headend platforms. Within this framework, EI Towers also offers the service of managing contribution traffic, making use of its satellite and fibre optic network infrastructures; the Company also has a fibre optic backbone which has been developed over a route spanning more than 6,000 kilometers and a satellite infrastructure based on two up-link platforms and the availability guaranteed by long-life contracts for a good 10 transponders.

Ei Towers

EI Towers develops and operates its activity with its own personnel, as well as through a nationwide network of companies and professionals. EI Towers has thus combined the proven experience and know-how of Elettronica Industriale, a company with technological excellence and the operational arm of the Mediaset Group’s network management, with the dynamism and focus of the DMT Group, whose extensive customer portfolio has been maintained. 

EI Towers‘ objectives are thus follows: (i) the consolidation and expansion of the role as a leading independent tower operator, continuing to serve as a hub for aggregation with a totally industrial approach, due to its years of experience in acquiring and managing assets of entities operating in the same business; and (ii) the enhancement of services provided to its customers, with the offer of a wide range of integrated services. 

EI Towers has been at the forefront of the industry, participating in international initiatives regarding service standards and regulations, and it has played a key role in the conversion of television networks from analog to digital technology, working with its partners and customers in order to encourage the respect of the timetables planned and to minimize inconveniences in the reconfiguration of television coverage.