“SIGFOX is a key player in the Internet of Things, thanks to its low-speed network technology. It opens the field to a lot of different applications, including information “pulling”; Axible has complementary acknowledged expertise in the data and information post-processing.” Valerie Balavoine, CEO

Axible, an expert in access control and the Internet of Things 

Axible Technologies adapts powerful applications and offers innovative access control through mobile phones, adaptable to every need and issue:

  • Open-source access control, with interfaces that “pull” user information, enabling monitoring of the physical device implemented. These interfaces enable all brands of access control peripherals to be added, thus creating a web bridge towards other software packages.
  • Customizable access control, with developments of solutions or features according to specific needs and project management, from design through to implementation.
  • A large choice of access control solutions, for the mass market as well as for professionals, (intercom device, tag reader, mobile phone-controlled gate opening…).

Axible, the manufacturers’ partner 

Axible is connecting manufacturers’ product ranges to bring them to the very heart of the Internet of Things and enable predictive maintenance, tracking, reading of energy consumption…Axible, as an integrator of solutions that can be plugged into every owner protocol or existing IT system, is the main partner for manufacturers keen to integrate an M2M component in their owner solutions. Axible masters the whole product development chain.

 «SIGFOX Ready™» access control solutions 

Thanks to its expertise in data processing and web supervision, Axible is able to pull the information sent by SIGFOX via its low-speed network. This data can be managed in real-time through a web interface. The convergence between these different technologies has led to “SIGFOX Ready™” solutions, and particularly the integration of the SIGFOX radio in some of Axible’s product developments dedicated to the access control market.

Axible is also a SIGFOX partner in numerous collaborative projects, such as SACHA for example (Search And Computerize Human Acts). It aims to geolocate and care for isolated or Alzheimer’s patients, in the event of them falling or straying from their living area.