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ATIM is a radio expert and IoT pioneer based and founded in 1996 in Villard-de-Lans, French Alps.

Designer – manufacturer of wireless communication devices, our mission is to provide industrial, remote, plug & play solutions to our client applications. Dedicated professionals, listen, understand, support and solve your specific needs based on our expert radio engineers, a made in France manufacturing from our international quality precision partner and our administration-sales department.

Our engineers team constantly innovates to develop smarter and more powerful solutions to solve upcoming technology challenges.

From the modules, the development extension cards to the sensors and the data visualization, ATIM deals with the end to end IoT solution. We focus on LPWAN technologies.

Sensors gather temperature, humidity, meter indexes, dry contacts states, and send the data to our IoT Platform. Smart City-Building-Industry-Agriculture sectors are using our remote solutions to connect their assets, gather information and solve more efficiently day-to-day maintenance, comfort or security issues.

With SIGFOX and its dedicated M2M network, we have created new needs in industries like smart cities, smart buildings and many others. Thank you to all the SIGFOX team for allowing us to participate in this great adventure of discovering new worlds!” Francis Raimbert, ATIM’s CEO


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