atimWith SIGFOX and its dedicated M2M network, we have created new needs in industries like smart cities, smart buildings and many others. Thank you to all the SIGFOX team for allowing us to participate in this great adventure of discovering new worlds!” Francis Raimbert, ATIM CEO

ATIM is an electronic engineering company specialized in the design, the realization and the industrialization of elctronics boards and systems embedding a wireless RF (radio frequency) technology.

ATIM company was created in 1992 by its current CEO who was at that time independent, that is what give ATIM engineers an unique experience in the wireless world.

ATIM offers a complete product range answering 90% of current industrial, integrators and manufacturers wireless needs: radio modems, industrial wifi, Bluetooth modules, SIGFOX, Modbus, LoRa, CanOpen, zigbee, etc.

Innovation is its motivation and it currently works on the future wireless, in the M2M (Machine to Machine) sector and the internet of things (IoT) market development.

ATIM strengths

  • A well known and recognized experience in the wireless world, 20 years of expérience
  • A reactive and performant engineers and phds team to work with you on your wireless projects, from technical requirements to product manufacture.
  • An efficient partnership based on trust. An engagement for quality, deadlines respect and innovative solutions