Our technical team is working tirelessly in the wireless domain, from Tokyo to San Francisco. When Christophe Fourtet presented in 2009 his concept, we started to follow closely his technology and immediately realized its potential: triggering alarms for low cost, high autonomy instrumentation systems, enabling the development of new applications.

Alliantech offers a wide range of wireless solutions to answer the needs of the majority of instrumentation applications. Thanks to the variety of fields we serve, our support team can provide advice, expertise and be on your side for your projects: demonstrations, on-site reliability tests or project-management support for wireless applications.

We can also adapt our standard instrumentation solutions and offer our universal module, Sigfox U-sense

Our sensor portfolio includes more than 40 innovative partners, the know-how in the instrumentation and a reliable and fast cabling department.

Airbus and SNCF are among our clients, why not you?