“AGUILA Technologie, specialist on communicating electronic systems and the Internet of Things, is constantly looking out for the latest innovations in M2M telecommunications. Thus, integrating SIGFOX in our solutions was natural. We have worked with SIGFOX since 2012 because for Aguila its the best network existing for the M2M needs and for the ‘communicating’ future”. Gilbert Wilhelm.

AGUILA Technologie is an independent high technology company, specialized in electronic communicating systems (Machine to Machine).

Recognized for its high quality work and know-how, the company has unique expertise in many new growth business sectors such as:

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and logistics;

Environment, nature and agriculture : waste management, monitoring of animals, remote metering, sensors network;

Medical and e-health – Industry AGUILA Technologie designs and sells electronic Machine to Machine systems along with a wide range of geo-security and geo-tracking solutions for both people and goods. AGUILA offers electronic communicating sub-systems that can be easily integrated into several existing applications.”