Since the advent of the digital age the world is becoming increasingly connected. The Internet of Things, coupled with different though convergent technologies (e.g. Cloud computing, Big Data) is especially revolutionising the world around us bringing intelligence and connectivity directly inside objects.

With the development of technologies and the growing of connected object-related offering the Internet of Things is providing new opportunities for creating new products and new services, bringing value for governments, citizens and industries. Nowadays, the IoT phenomenon is affecting various fields, from Smart Cities, to Smart Homes, to Smart Factories, raising interest in both governments and businesses. 

Generally speaking, application fields of IoT technologies are potentially unlimited: among them, the sectors that may mainly benefits of a the new Low Power Wide Area technology designed by SigFox are:

  • Agriculture and environment
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Consumer electronics
  • Emergency services & security
  • Healthcare
  • Intelligent buildings
  • Manufacturing & supply chain
  • Retail & leisure
  • Smart city & public transport
  • Utilities
World connected
World connected
World connected
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