Thinktank 2000

Thinktabk 2000Thinktank 2000 is a private company mainly focused in setting-up and managing innovative projects at international level, through new technological developments or a new vision to enhancing the business in different industries, especially telecom, digital media and communication.

Thinktank 2000 has extensive experience in start-ups and in new geographical developments in fields like big data, digital contents, webmicrobroadcasting, virtual mobile, customer value, x-play services integration, lead generation or customer experience management, and it offers professional services:

  • Management. Taking responsibility of top executive actions in order to launch the project and/or develop the new entity or business area.
  • Advising. Strategic role for the definition of the project, its development and its decision-making.
  • In many cases, Thinktank 2000 becomes also an investor of the project.