Telenet Water: the first Italian Sigfox-based Smart Water Metering solution

To contribute to the enhancement of the global water industry Nettrotter presents the first Italian Sigfox-based solution for water metering, specifically designed to meet concrete needs at an industrial level: the Telenet Water.


The Telenet Water solution is composed by the Telenet transponder (plug-in) and the Telenet platform and leverage Sigfox network for data gathering and transportation. Thus, the product is universal, being compatible with all meters equipped with a pulse-emitter. Besides, the plug-in solution is very flexible, allowing Utilities to tackle specific opportunities as top consumers and special locations. The benefits achievable with a limited number of devices that can be installed also on working meters and without any need of global restructuring of IT systems are huge compared to the overall system deployment effort.


The Telenet Water plug-in is entirely made in Italy and characterized by:

  • Plug&Play, as it is compact and easy to install
  • Low power consumption, with battery life up to 15 years
  • Low Operating Costs
  • Direct and reverse flow monitoring
  • Several alarms: Reverse flow, Cut wire, Tampering, Leakages
  • Customizable firmware and sensor interface


The solution includes a software platform as a service. The cloud platform, that is accessible also from mobiles, allows to manage the devices (grouping, visualization on a map, set-up and remote configuration, visualization of device status and working condition as – for example – temperature, query, alarms setting) and provides stats (e.g. consumption trends) through a specific dashboard. The dashboard can be customized and it’s also available for mobile devices. The integration of input data in the platform enables also Water leakage and pressure management accordingly to IWA (International Water Association) guidelines.


Thus, The Telenet Water solution give an answer to:

  • New customer requirements and demand of involvement, visibility, service continuity and customer service level
  • Increasing operational costs for measures gathering (needs of appointments to enter customer premises, presence of meters that are difficult to be read), meter maintenance and control, fraud management, delinquent bill collections, etc.
  • Low cost and portfolio management investment (water infrastructure, water meters, IT, etc.)


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