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Telenet Water

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  • Telenet Water solution is the first SIGFOX-based Italian solution dedicated to water metering.
  • The solution is composed by a plug-in device that linked with a “traditional” meter without communication capabilities automatically collect and transmit data regarding water distribution.
  • Global communication service provider for the Internet of Things
  • End-to-end management of any water metering system


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  • Is a complete, expandable and low-cost IoT solution.With application to different requirements in multiple industrial and business environments: industry, retail, services, etc.
  • Is easily configured to send, anyplace and anytime, a predefined message to a smartphone or email make an order of a product-service, or configure and launch process from any kind of platform, such as IFTTT
  • Is more than a button with wireless connectivity. Thanks to a tiny interactive button with SIGFOX communications, and a versatile cloud platform, ECCO offers a complete notification service.


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Telenet Power

 telenetpower devide


  • The new energy smart meter: All meters, Low cost, Long life (15 years), Plug&Play
  • Surveys in real time: Consumption, Range: until 15 Km, Alarms on Power thresholds
  • Global communication service provider for the Internet of Things


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Ontrack Pet



The only complete solution to get your pet’s location when you need it.

  • Device: Small and light on-collar GPS designed for pets
  • Network: Dedicated worldwide network powered by Sigfox
  • App: Simple and intuitive application to track your pet’s location any time

Ontrack Pet web

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