A new era of countless embedded applications has begun! The combination of GPS awesomeness to the ultra-low power and efficiency of the Sigfox network makes the TD1204 ideal for any geolocation or timestamping application. With its programmable ultra-low power CPU and on-board accelerometer you will be able to fully customize your positioning strategy thus allowing even more energy savings.

Telecom Design’s TD1204 devices are high performance, low current SIGFOX™ gateways, RF transceiver and GPS receiver. The combination of a powerful radio transceiver, a state-of-the-art ARM Cortex M3 baseband processor and a high-efficiency GPS receiver achieves extremely high performance while maintaining ultra-low active and standby current consumption. The TD1204 device offers an outstanding RF sensitivity of –126 dBm while providing an exceptional output power of up to +14 dBm with unmatched TX efficiency. The TD1204 device versatility provides the gateway function from a local Narrow Band ISM network to the long-distance Ultra Narrow Band SIGFOX™ network at no additional cost. Moreover the fully integrated on-board GPS receiver combines outstanding sensitivity with ultra low power which allows you to achieve excellent accuracy and Time-To-First-Fix performance.

Combining the SIGFOX™ network possibilities with accurate geolocation will give you access to a brand new world of embedded applications. The TD1204 also embeds an ultra-low power 3D accelerometer with motion and free fall detection to further extend application range. Eventually the broad range of analog and digital interfaces available in the TD1204 module allows any application to interconnect easily to all peripherals. The LVTTL low-energy UART, the I2C bus, the multiple timers with pulse count input/PWM output capabilities, the 2 high-resolution/high-speed ADCs and single DAC, along with the numerous GPIOs can control any kind of external sensors or activators. Featuring an AES encryption engine and a DMA controller, the powerful 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 baseband processor can implement highly complex and secure protocols in an efficient environmental and very low consumption way.

Applications :

  •  SIGFOX™ transceiver (fully certified) 
  •  Geolocation and Tracking 
  •  Universal Timing and Synchronization 
  •  Sensor network 
  •  Health monitors