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“The Internet of Things holds an amazing potential to improve our every day life and our society. This partnership with SIGFOX will help us to provide a solution to our customers when facing this explosion of connected devices and supporting them in their mobility and communications needs.” Alex Mestre, Abertis Telecom's Director of Business Development.

Abertis is a leading global infrastructure management Group developing its activities in toll roads and telecommunications business through its toll roads concession companies and Abertis Telecom. Abertis Telecom is a telecommunications infrastructure and media service company operating in the broadcast, satellite and mobile communications markets. With its networks and communications assets, the company provides transmission services to the major TV station in Spain and connectivity for leading mobile network companies and emergency services operators. Abertis Telecom will build on this experience with investments in a new smart communications network to provide communications services to support the mass roll-out of connected objects in the context of the Internet of Things.