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It is the first "auto-protection" alarm system which uses SIGFOX network. It thus benefits of all its advantages: low energy consumption (batteries with a 2 years autonomy), low cost (3 to 5 times cheaper than existing solutions) and simplicity of installation (no electrical nor phone connection, just one battery).

This "auto-protection" alarm system includes a wireless keyboard, a wireless smoke sensor, a wireless move sensor and a wireless siren (80 dB).

Very easy to use (armament / disarmament button + secret code), this alarm system use the Cloud-on-ChipTM Platform and assures a 24 / 24h - 7 / 7d electronic supervision of the home against fire and intrusion risks. If an alarm shall raise, the user is automatically warned by SMS. If he is not reachable when the alarm raises, the system warns automatically by SMS the list of the persons defined by the user.

An Internet portal dedicate to managers permit to manage an alarm system stock.

A second dedicated to customers, permit to manage their instalation from the computer or the smartphone (personal data, system status, battery status, events history, subscription management).

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